Our Services



Dinderbeck Studios offers a variety of fine art and commercial printmaking techniques including intaglio, letterpress, relief, and screenprinting as well as general art making facilities.




We offer classes and workshops in screenprinting, letterpress, etching, and more. Our most popular classes have been ‘Letterpress Holiday Cards’ and ‘Intro to Screenprinting’. New class offerings are posted every few months.




Dinderbeck offers custom letterpress and screenprinting services for items such as invitations, event posters, business cards, coasters, stationary, menus or anything that takes ink. Basically, if a high quality, custom printed product is what you are after, we want to provide it to you.


Dinderbeck was founded in 2010 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The five founders studied printmaking together at Kendall College of Art and Design. Born as a private studio to practice their craft, it evolved over the years. Through the ebb and flow Dinderbeck finally accomplished its lifelong goal of opening as a community printmaking and artist studio in July of 2014. Dinderbeck’s facility specializes in accommodating a multitude of printmaking and artistic media. Dinderbeck strives to help the public learn and grow together through collaboration, education and creation.

Dinderbeck’s weekly open hours provide community members with a space to practice their craft. Our nearly 3000 square feet studio hosts an array of equipment, including facilities for artists to complete all printmaking mediums, with the exception of stone lithography. Dinderbeck is not only a self motivated workspace, it also hosts a variety of classes, workshops, and demos instructed by knowledgable local artists. If you ever wanted to learn something new, just come by and talk with us. We are more than happy to share with you our love for printmaking.

Without all the help and support received over the years this would have been an impossible feat. Unspeakable amounts of gratitude go out to the Grand Rapids art community, with special attention to those who donated to us; also we can’t forget our interns, mentors, members, our friends, families, and loved ones. Dinderbeck would not exist without you.