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Open Studio Use:

Open studio provides access to all artists at a low cost and is available to all who can operate independently. A studio monitor is on hand for support and troubleshooting.



All new artists to Dinderbeck must first go through an orientation. This will cover the general use of the shop, safety, and the basics of each piece of equipment. This is meant to give you a since of familiarity with the layout but not to teach you any processes. If you desire to learn a new process it is recommended that you schedule an appointment for a private lesson. Artist can then become authorized for processes following the orientation.



Tuesday: 6:00pm-10:00pm

Wednesday: 6:00pm-10:00pm

Thursday: 6:00pm-10:00pm

Saturday & Sunday: Appointment Only –



Cost Reduced Rates for members, student members
Annual Membership Fee $60
Student Membership (with current ID) $40
Open Studio Base Fee $10 $5
Open Studio Materials Fee (excluding transparencies)
$5 $5
By Appointment: Hourly $15 $10
Private Lessons: Hourly $25 $20
Clean Hands Assistance: Hourly $10+appointment fee $5+appointment fee
Artist Assistance negotiable (project based) negotiable (project based)

Base Fee covers durable resources, such as: 

Internet, Scanner, Clean Workspace, Guillotine/Paper Cutters, Rulers, Scissors, Presses, Scoop Coater, Pallet Knifes, Brayers

Material Fee Covers consumable materials and limited resources, such as:

Ink, Emulsion, Newsprint, Tape, Emulsion pens, Acrylic and oil paint, printer ink, Razor blades, Cleaning Supplies, Carborundum Grit, Glues, Acetate



Plan on using Dinderbeck more than 10 times in a year. Then its better for you to be a member. Memberships cost $60/year. Members receive discounted rates on open studio, appointments, private lessons, and clean hands assistance. Invitations to private members only events. Ability to store up to 4 screen at Dinderbeck and the ability to reserve presses during open studio.

Key-Holding Memberships:

Key-Holding Membership grant you access to Dinderbeck studios 24hrs a day 7 days a week. Key-Holding Membership includes all utilities; water, trash, internet, electricity, and heat. Membership also includes access to all facilities the member has gone through authorization on such as letterpress, intaglio, relief, screenprinting, large workspace, sewing, and finishing.

Only a limited amount of Key-Holding Memberships are available at any given time. Potential Key-Holders must first go through the application process prior to being granted Key-Holder status. For Key-Holder Application click here.


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